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Nowadays, while most of the programmable network apparatus vendors support OpenFlow, a number of fragmented control plane solutions exist for...

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Distributed Storage Systems provide availability and survivability of data by replicating them in geographically dispersed network locations. A major problem with...

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Problem statement: Distributed systems form the foundation of our society’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, they suffer from a number of problems: they are...

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Content Distribution Services are booming and they will be responsible for the majority of future Internet traffic. In parallel, Online Social Networks (OSNs)...

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Wireless traffic demand is currently growing exponentially. This growing demand can only be satisfied by increasing the density of points...

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TREND is a Network of Excellence, coordinated by Politecnico di Torino, funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme. TREND...

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Wireless networks importance for the Future Internet is raising at a fast pace as mobile devices increasingly become its entry...

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Video is a major challenge for the future Internet. This traffic type is foreseen to account for close to 90...

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The objective of the International Cooperation between East Asia and Europe, “Technologies for Information and Communication, Europe – East Asia...

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The goal of the GeoNet Project is to contribute to increase road safety in Europe. The European Commission (EC) and the...

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