At IMDEA Networks we have the potential, the energy and the means to make a positive change in our socio-economic environment. We perform research with an enterprising spirit, animated by its potential application to market and industry. Our faculty, PhD students, research support engineers, alumni and former team members conform a thriving entrepreneurial community in connection with the latest technological developments and innovative ideas.

We research, develop, test and push forward scientific advances that may one day become goods, services, international standards and even household words. We collaborate closely with industry in a variety of ways, such as through international project consortiums, direct industry contracts, the activities of the 5TONIC innovation lab, as co-inventors of patents, in joint events, or through entrepreneurial ventures. This collaborative exchange allows us to acquire the know-how, experience and forward-thinking engagement needed to match technologies originating from our labs with real-world needs.

Our work covers a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial activities:


5TONIC is an Open Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G technologies founded by Telefonica and IMDEA Networks in November 2015 and based in Madrid.

The objective of 5TONIC is to create an international ecosystem where members from industry and academia work together in specific research and innovation projects related to 5G technologies, with a view to boost technology development and the growth of business innovative ventures.

The laboratory promotes collaboration at all levels to foster the development of 5G communications, services and applications: from joint project development and entrepreneurial ventures, field‐testing and demonstration of technologies and equipment, to discussion fora and dissemination events.

https://www.5tonic.org | info@5tonic.org

5TONIC will help its partner companies to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility and costs of a given technology, analyzing hidden deployment costs, complexity of the solutions, regulatory aspects to tackle, etc.
  • Perform a realistic evaluation of technology choices, together with the latest innovations in the services, core networks and wireless network.