Prof. Dr. Ralf Steinmetz concludes research visit to IMDEA Networks

31 August 2015

Dr. Ralf Steinmetz from the Technische Universität Darmstadt joined IMDEA Networks in January 2015 in the role of Visiting Researcher, bringing to the research team extensive experience in several Computer and Networking Science topics. Dr. Steinmetz was simultaneously appointed to the eminent role of Chair of Excellence University Carlos III of Madrid – Banco de Santarder. His research visit concludes in August 2015.

Dr. Steinmetz currently works towards his vision of “seamless adaptive multimedia communications”. A well understood adaptiveness of seamless multimedia communications has the potential to create a future where people from all over the world are able to collaborate and communicate independently regardless of geographical constraints and heterogeneity of technology. Dr. Steinmetz’s research interests cover scalable quality of service (e.g. in network engineering, communication services and service oriented architectures), content distribution networks (e.g. peer-to-peer and overlay mechanism), context aware communications (e.g. ubiquitous computing), adaptive mobile networking (e.g. of nodes and protocols for ad hoc networking), knowledge media (e.g. semantic enrichment), and serious games.

At Darmstadt Dr. Steinmetz often links this research very closely to key aspects of disaster scenarios, personal mobility, networked future automobiles and e-finance. Many of these topics have been identified as areas of future collaboration with IMDEA Networks. During his stay in Madrid this researcher also organized short visits to the Institute by other experts, further enhancing the impact of his collaboration.



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