Dr. Marco Gramaglia returns to IMDEA Networks as a Post-Doc researcher

27 August 2015

Marco Gramaglia returns to IMDEA Networks Institute to join our team of Post-Doc Researchers from September 2015. Marco has been a member of the Institute’s Alumni Network since 2012, date in which he obtained his PhD in Telematics Engineering.

He will now become part of the NETCOM Lab, working directly under the supervision of Albert Banchs, Deputy Director at IMDEA Networks. His main areas of research are Vehicular Networks, Wireless Networks, 5G Networking, Mobile Networking and Data Analysis.

After studying his BSc in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, followed by an MSc in Computer Engineering (2008) from the same university, Marco moved to Madrid, Spain, where he joined the IMDEA Networks PhD Student research team. As part of this studentship he undertook an additional MSc, this time in the field of Telematics Engineering (2009), and subsequently, obtained his PhD in the same field, both from University Carlos III of Madrid.

For the past year, Marco has worked as a Research Fellow at IEIIT-CNR (Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering – National Research Council of Italy), analyzing and characterizing large scale vehicular networks. This is an area to which he has made significant contributions published in prestigious international conferences and journals. Marco was also previously a Researcher at Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.

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