New 5TONIC collaborator Saguna brings along the promise of ultra-reliable low latency 5G communications

Saguna Networks joins 5TONIC project as industry collaborator
Signs agreement to research 5G technology projects in 5TONIC’s Madrid Laboratory

19 July 2018

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) pioneer Saguna Networks has become a new collaborator within 5TONIC’s 5G research and co-creation laboratory in Madrid.  The company joins existing collaborators that include ASTI Mobile Robotics, IFEMA, Luz Wavelabs, and Rohde & Schwarz.

The 5TONIC collaboration agreement enables companies to cooperate within the laboratory with 5TONIC member organizations, with the other collaborators, and with other external entities to explore new technologies and potential uses of 5G technology.

Saguna Networks was founded in 2009 in Israel, with the objective of helping mobile operators monetize, optimize and accelerate their networks with Multi-access Edge Cloud Computing (MEC) solutions. Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, Saguna is providing their vEdge MEC platform, which enables control of AVGs (Automated Guided Vehicles) to operate in the access network as a MEC application and benefit from the ultra reliable low latency communication (URLLC) environment. Fully compliant with the ETSI MEC standard and 3GPP 5G specifications, this Saguna vEdge simplifies and accelerates development of the edge-cloud platform and edge applications lifecycle; from development and integration, to deployment, management and automation.

Saguna is cooperating with 5TONIC members Ericsson, CommScope, and Intel, as well as 5TONIC collaborator ASTI Mobile Robotics, in the implementation of a series of tests demonstrating the use of 5G technology to drive AGVs around large factories. This approach eliminates the need for pre-set routes or tracks.

“We are confident that MEC technology will help to deliver potential 5G use cases that require very low latency and high reliability,” said Arturo Azcorra, 5TONIC vice-chairman and IMDEA Networks director. “In this sense, Saguna is an ideal partner to assess different applications that we are exploring, due to the maturity of their technology and their commitment to align their solutions to the standards being defined by ETSI and 3GPP.”

Lior Fite, CEO and founder of Saguna Networks, indicated. “We are excited to join the 5TONIC project and work alongside industry leaders to implement and test 5G technologies. As new IoT technologies become a driving force for enterprises and industry 4.0 applications, there is a growing need for an ultrareliable low latency communication environment. With Saguna’s MEC platform, these URLLC goals can be realized in 5G networks and existing 4G deployments.”

About Saguna Networks

Saguna, the Multi access Edge Cloud Computing pioneer, helps communication companies monetize, optimize & accelerate their networks. Our any-access Edge-Cloud solutions transform communication networks into powerful cloud computing infrastructures for game changing applications including augmented and virtual reality, IoT, edge analytics, high definition video, connected cars, autonomous drones and more. The award winning Saguna MEC platform simplifies & accelerates development, deployment, management and automation of edge cloud platforms and edge applications. Fully compliant with the ETSI MEC standard and 3GPP 5G specifications, our MEC solution provides Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communication (URLLC) enabling 5G features over existing 4G networks and setting the stage for 5G roll-out.

About 5TONIC

5TONIC was initiated by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks Institute with a clear vision to create an open research and innovation ecosystem laboratory in which industry and academia come together to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The laboratory promotes joint project development, joint entrepreneurial ventures, discussion fora, events and conference sites, all in an international environment of the highest impact. 5TONIC serves to show the capabilities and interoperation of pre-commercial 5G equipment, services and applications, by leading global companies in the 5G arena. The laboratory was recently awarded Digital Innovation Hub status by the European Commission.


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