18.6 million of Madrid regional budget to foster the scientific activity of the IMDEA Institutes

23 June 2017

  • Since the launch of the IMDEA initiative, the regional government has invested 165 million euros to promote its research activities
  • About 550 researchers from more than 25 countries are currently carrying out scientific work at these institutes
  • In 2016 alone the IMDEA institutes have published more than 650 articles, attended 308 conferences and obtained 12 patents

The Community of Madrid will invest this year 18.6 million euros to support the scientific activity of the IMDEA research institutes. The IMDEA are research centers of international excellence in strategic areas, seeking to meet the demands of society and promote scientific and technological innovation in the region. There are currently seven centres specialized in different research areas.

Since their launch, the Madrid Executive has invested more than 165 million euros in making these institutes representative of the research excellence of the Community of Madrid.

The Government Council has approved a total expenditure of 18.693.376 million euros to fund the nominative grants of the IMDEA Foundations, provide them with the necessary means, and cover their operating costs. With this initiative the Madrid Executive guarantees funding for these leading research centers during 2017.

These 18.6 million euros will fund the activities of IMDEA Water (2.1), Food (2.13), Energy (3.15), Materials (3), Nanoscience (3.16), Networks (2.16), and Software (3).

Attraction of international research talent

Nearly 550 researchers from more than 25 countries work today in several scientific activities as part of IMDEA, which are oriented towards the demands of society and of business. These institutes are currently involved in more than 280 research projects, which have been been funded by competitive grants from public bodies and by several national and international companies, with the collaboration of 147 SMEs.

In 2016 alone the IMDEA Institutes have published over 650 scientific articles in high impact journals, have participated in the production of several books, have attended 308 conferences, have been granted 12 patents and requested 10 more. Also, they have defended 37 doctoral dissertations and have participated in more than 280 research projects.

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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