The networks of the future will be ready in 2020

20 June 2017

5G technology will support the Internet of Things. The number of connected terminals will be multiplied by 150 and will exceed one million million.

IMDEA Networks has adopted a leading role in the development of 5G technologies such as mmWave communications, Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined 5G Networks. It is a founding member of the 5TONIC Lab, which it hosts in its headquarters, and is currently involved in various advanced 5G research projects: the ERC Consolidator Grant SEARCHLIGHT, the EU H2020 projects mmMAGIC, MONROE and Flex5Gware, one national initiative HyperAdapt and another within the scope of the Madrid region, TIGRE5-CM.

We reproduce here in full an article published by Raúl Salgado at the Spanish news media «La Razón». The article dwells on the potential impact of 5G technologies based on the statements of the IMDEA Networks Institute’ Director, Prof. Dr. Arturo Azcorra.

Link to the article in original Spanish.

The potential socioeconomic impact of 5G is infinite.

Source(s): La Razón
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