Javier Talavante wins second place in the Young Entrepreneurship Awards-Carné Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid with Sensory-FI

This is a great success for him and for the spin-off, co-founded with other members of the PerSys group from IMDEA Networks

17 January 2024

Javier Talavante, a PhD student at IMDEA Networks, has won second place in the II Edition of the Young Entrepreneurship Awards of the Community of Madrid in the innovative modality with the spin-off Sensory-FI, developing the greenhouse monitoring system LiFi4Food.

The amount of the award is 12,000 euros, reflecting the financial support to projects that excel in innovation and social and environmental commitment. The Youth Entrepreneurship-Carné Joven Awards seek to reward young entrepreneurs who stand out as examples in these two modalities.

The spin-off, co-founded by Javier Talavante, Dayrene Frómeta, Borja Genovés and Domenico Giustiniano, has stood out not only for its technological innovation but also for its focus on environmental and social sustainability. This achievement in the Young Entrepreneurship-Young Carnet Awards reflects the positive impact that LiFi4Food can have on modern agriculture.

LiFi4Food proposes an IoT system for crop monitoring in precision agriculture, marking a significant milestone in the agricultural field. Javier explains that this system uses a wide variety of devices equipped with sensors to track and control key crop parameters in high-tech greenhouses. Detailed information includes factors such as temperature, soil moisture and lighting.

The utility of LiFi4Food lies in the ability of farmers to optimize the use of essential resources, such as water and energy, within greenhouses. Real-time information about the conditions of each plant allows them to maximize the yield of their crops and simplify the automation of tasks.

We congratulate Javier and the Sensory-FI team for their outstanding achievement and for exceptionally representing the entrepreneurial spirit in the Community of Madrid. Their success demonstrates the transformative potential of research and entrepreneurship in the scientific community.

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