IMDEA Networks participates in the Science for Industry (S4I) event, an international meeting of reference in 'Deep Science'

This is an ambitious international meeting that has brought together the main European institutions and specialized investors at La Nave in Madrid to promote the national and international industrial technology ecosystem

19 January 2024

IMDEA Networks participated on January 18th and 19th in the Science for Industry – S4i event, organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and BeAble Capital at the Nave de Madrid. This is the largest international meeting point around the ‘Deep Science’, which brings together universities, research centers, leading companies and Science Equity funds from around the world with the aim of enhancing the national and international industrial technology ecosystem. This initiative is the evolution of Patents for Innovation (P4I), held in 2022, which served to boost relations between science, society and business.

The IMDEA institutes had the opportunity at the Madrid Regional Government’s stand to explain to the attendees the disruptive research projects in which they collaborate, as well as to talk about how they carry out technology transfer. They were also visited by the Regional Minister of Education, Science and Universities Emilio Viciana, the Deputy Regional Minister Ana Ramirez and the Director General of Research Ana Cremades.

Marta Dorado (Communication Manager), Narseo Vallina (Associate Professor), Javier Talavante (PhD student) and Dayrene Frómeta (PhD student) have been present at this event as representatives of the institute.

In addition, Talavante and Frómeta have participated in the Innovation Journeys, an ideal moment to give visibility to their spin off LiFi4Food and explore possibilities of collaboration with more than 25 leading companies in the sectors of Health, Energy, New Materials and Agrofood, such as Acciona, Pfizer, Bosch, Repsol, among others. In addition, they have given a pitch in the framework of the ‘Investor Day’ (focused on entrepreneurship), in which they have told investors and companies how the spin off was born and how the technology they use works. In short, they were able to create a space for connections and possible joint projects in the future.

In this great event, you could also find the Global Summit, which includes Patents for Innovation (P4i), the largest patent fair in Europe that works as a nexus between science and industry. It also served as an exhibition area for universities and research centers, and a Deep Science forum with several stages.

And finally, ‘Facing Challenges’, the international summit on Science Equity, a unique and exclusive event that will bring together the leading Deep Science investment funds and the most representative international institutions, curated by BeAble Capital, the leading Science Equity fund in Southern Europe, organizer of Science for Industry.

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