IMDEA Networks appoints Dr. Domenico Giustiniano as Research Assistant Professor

12 November 2013

Institute IMDEA Networks has announced that Dr. Domenico Giustiniano joined the Institute on November 1st, 2013, in the role of Research Assistant Professor. He is a promising young researcher with several years of experience in the broad area of wireless networks. Dr. Giustiniano has proven his ability as a highly talented scientist, who brings to the research team a problem-solving and innovative approach to scientific challenges.

Dr. Giustiniano devotes most of his current research to emerging areas. He investigates ways of offloading traffic for cloud-based content distribution networks. He is also devising communication methods in time-critical operations by means of the control of a flying network of robots. The latter work recently led to a publication in one of the leading conferences in networking research, ACM CoNEXT’13.

The activity of Dr. Giustiniano at IMDEA networks will mainly span three directions of investigation. Firstly, Dr. Giustiniano will advance ongoing work on new wireless technologies. Within this broad area, his interest is mainly focused on networking solutions for Visible Light Communication. Secondly, he will carry on his investigation on mobile indoor localization systems, in collaboration with industry partners. Thirdly, he will maintain active research collaborations with his previous research group in the novel field of networks of flying robots. Most recently, Dr. Giustiniano was a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in the Communication Systems Group (CSG) of ETH Zurich. Since 2008 he holds a PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Rome Tor Vergata University (Italy).

Dr. Giustiniano has consistently tackled systems problems of the most challenging nature, and succeeded in making significant breakthroughs. The original contributions he has made to his field of research are exemplified by first-author publications in top dissemination venues such as ACM MobiCom, ACM CoNEXT or IEEE INFOCOM, and in journals such as IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. He has also been the recipient of several academic and industry-led awards. Thus, he won a Best Paper Award for an article on Visible Light Communication, received two Disney Inventor Awards, and in 2010 the Best Project Award granted by Telefonica Research and Development. His approach to scientific work oriented to devise solutions to real-world problems based on real-world assumptions is further proved by four patents, some of which are finding their way towards commercialization.


Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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