Ignacio Castro has successfully defended his PhD Thesis: Economics of Internet Interdomain Interconnections

13 November 2015

IMDEA Networks Institute is proud to announce that Ignacio Castro has successfully defended his PhD thesis receiving the "Excellent" grade for his work.

The thesis studies the economic aspects of the interconnections between ASes, identifies challenges hampering the future of the Internet, and proposes solutions to resolve them. We begin by presenting the first analytical and empirical study on remote peering, an emerging type of interconnections that relaxes the geographical constraints of ASes and also facilitates interconnections at a lower cost. Then we introduce Cooperative IP Transit (CIPT) and Transit for Peering (T4P), two novel interconnection arrangements that reduce traffic delivery costs for the ASes. However, some of the limitations are inherent to the current Internet architecture. To overcome those constraints, we present Route Bazaar, a new Internet architecture that, inspired by the use of the block chain mechanism and cryptographic tools in cryptocurrencies, provides a contractual framework for flexible interconnections with rich policies.

About Ignacio Castro

Ignacio Castro received his Master degree in Economics from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He is currently researching in different aspects of networked economies and the economics of the Internet structure.

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