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VoIPiggy proposes a new MAC enhanced mechanism to improve the performance in 802.11 WLANS

A study proposes a new 802.11 MAC mechanism for improving the performance in WLANs when voice traffic is present. In...

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"Computer science, in a sense, is a modern branch of mathematics"

Interview with Zhi-Li Zhang, Visiting Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks 1. To begin this interview, we are curious about how you...

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Institute IMDEA Networks appoints Prof. Dr. Zhi-Li Zhang as Visiting Researcher

Dr. Zhang brings to the team extensive research experience in areas broadly including computer communication and networks, Internet technology, multimedia...

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Network of Excellence focuses on multi-disciplinary 'Internet Science'

The new Network of Excellence in Internet Science will bring together dozens of institutions from across many perspectives to form...

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CIPT study proposes a novel technique for IP transit cost reduction

A new study proposes a novel technique for cost reduction in the internet protocol (IP) transit market called “CIPT”, which...

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Institute IMDEA Networks Announces International e-Energy 2012 Conference

e-Energy 2012, to be held in May in Madrid, Spain, will focus on areas such as servers and communications infrastructures,...

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Wi-Fi: cutting the cord

The story of the development of wireless local area networks (WLAN) is a good example of how a research project...

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Institute IMDEA Networks Appoints Dr. Pierre François as Staff Researcher

Dr. François will contribute broad experience in areas such as IP Networking, Routing, Routing Architectures and Routing Economics. Institute IMDEA...

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Institute IMDEA Networks: a new way of drawing science and enterprise closer in the field of communication networks

P.M. Romer affirms that know-how of a production function is an irreplaceable factor in current economic development. It is what...

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Twitter: Who follows whom?

Twitter is currently one of the most popular and fastest growing applications in the internet. Created in 2006 by Jack...

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