ASTI becomes the first 5TONIC industrial collaborator

01 June 2017

The open 5G research and innovation laboratory 5TONIC is proud to announce that ASTI has become its first industrial collaborator. ASTI (Automatismos y Sistemas de Transporte Interno) is a leading international engineering firm that builds made-to-measure automated intralogistics optimization solutions, ranging from traditional materials-handling equipment like conveyors and handlers through to latest-generation systems such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

ASTI and 5TONIC will cooperate in trials intended to evaluate the use of advanced mobile communications in the support of manufacturing processes, one of the main drivers for the deployment of 5G systems. In order to support the communications requirements associated with the operation of AGVs, 5G must support various technical requirements in terms of their reliability, latency, and throughput, which are not feasible with current technological solutions, like LTE. On the other hand, the use of 5G may allow centralizing some guidance decisions that are now handled by each AGV, providing more intelligence and permitting the support of new coordination mechanisms that can optimize manufacturing processes. Initial trials are expected to take place at 5TONIC premises in Leganés (Madrid) before the end of the year.

ASTI is the first industrial collaborator in 5TONIC, a new figure created to facilitate the cooperation with potential partners, both from inside and outside the telecommunications sector, which may not be able or interested in becoming full 5TONIC members. New collaborators are expected to be announced in the short term.

Source(s): 5TONIC Laboratory / IMDEA Networks Institute
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