5TONIC takes to main stage at MWC

Arturo Azcorra to discuss operator opportunities within Industry 4.0

01 February 2019

At this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 5TONIC VP Arturo Azcorra has been invited to join a main-stage conference discussion* on how mobile operators can capitalise on their assets and take advantage of opportunities in the field of Industry 4.0.

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory was established in Madrid to help companies and operators develop and test possible 5G applications and projects within different industry sectors.

The conference organisers picked 5TONIC to join the discussion after learning about the laboratory’s trial using robotics and autonomously guided factory vehicles that was successfully completed last year in collaboration with 5TONIC member company ASTIMobile.

“We have demonstrated that there is an Industry 4.0 opportunity for the mobile operator community” Azcorra explained, “and although that opportunity can be partly leveraged with existing assets, the availability of 5G networks will exponentially increase the potential for operators to deliver innovative new services across a wide range of vertical industry sectors.

“Today, all the work we are doing in the laboratory is helping us, and our partners, understand more about how to deliver those applications and services that can seize that opportunity profitably,” he added.

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will of be dominated by thoughts of 5G applications and service launches, so it is natural that the potential of the technology understandably looms large across all aspects of the conference agenda.

During his session on the stage, Arturo will be able to show that, in the Madrid co-creation laboratory, 5TONIC has been able to demonstrate that the potential is not only real but that it can be delivered.

*Tuesday, February 26, 13.00-14.00 | Hall 4 – Auditorium 3

“Capitalising on operator’s assets for the industry 4.0 value chain”

For years operators have had a rich set of capabilities that can add value to enterprises of all kinds, beyond connectivity and communications: Security, identity management, location, and rich pools of data – the list goes on and is only growing as new capabilities are introduced to the network.

These capabilities offer huge opportunities to companies of all sizes, both digital natives and those going through their own digital transformations. As more ‘network operators’ transition to become ‘digital service providers’, this discussion examines how you can really gain value from the assets you already have and shares best practices from the leading edge.

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