5TONIC activities @ South Summit 2016 on video

02 November 2016

Some of the activities 5TONIC was involved in at the recent South Summit event are available on video.

The open research and innovation laboratory 5TONIC presented its vision of 5G as an opportunity for entrepreneurship at South Summit 2016, the leading startup conference in Southern Europe, which took place in early October, 2016, in Madrid (Spain).

5TONIC was represented on the Telefonica Open Future stand at the South Summit Meeting Point space where information about lab activities and proposals was distributed to event participants. Here is a video released by Telefonica presenting it:

Also 5TONIC members took part on the program of presentations that closed this event.  Representatives of the Madrid-based initiative presented the lab’s vision of the 5G revolution within the panel ‘Connectivity and 5G: Fueling the Digital Revolution’, which was shared with Erik Giler of Speedy Packets, an IT company based in Massachusetts (USA). The 5TONIC speakers discussed four basic topics: what is 5G, why is 5G an opportunity for entrepreneurship, what 5TONIC is, and how collaboration with the 5TONIC labs could be brought about. In the latter intervention they included a call to participation in the First 5G Startup Competition, which has been launched by 5TONIC and ends November 15th. Here is a video recording of the panel:


Source(s): 5TONIC; IMDEA Networks Institute
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