IMDEA Networks completes the TRUST aWARE project, elevating privacy protection in mobile applications

IMDEA Networks, in collaboration with various partners, has successfully completed the TRUST aWARE project, an innovative initiative that has addressed...

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A study by UC3M and IMDEA Networks reveals the existence of a hidden "pink tax" in digital advertising

Advertisers systematically pay more to show online ads to women than to men, especially in highly developed nations, according to...

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14th Annual IMDEA Networks Workshop: meeting with the future of telecommunications

At the 14th Annual IMDEA Networks Workshop held in Madrid on May 28th, 2024, several renowned international experts gathered with...

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Vinuri Bandara receives the award for Best Master's Thesis on new software development methodologies and tools

Vinuri Bandara, a PhD student at IMDEA Networks, has been awarded the prize for the best Master’s thesis at the...

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Professor Marco Ajmone Marsan receives the 2024 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award

Distinguished Faculty member Professor Marco Ajmone Marsan of the IMDEA Networks Institute and Politecnico di Torino has been honored with...

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"IMDEA Networks gave me the tools I needed, such as the critical thinking to be able to pursue different types of research in my recent career"

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Evgenia Christoforou. She obtained her PhD from IMDEA Networks...

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A study involving IMDEA Networks develops HyperGraphDis, a method for detecting disinformation on social media

Disinformation is a growing phenomenon on digital platforms, significantly impacting social, political, and economic events. It has long posed a...

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4th grade students visit IMDEA Networks for Researchers at Schools activity

Around 60 students from Colegio Amanecer (Alcorcón, Madrid) participated in the “Researchers at Schools” activity, organized by IMDEA Networks on...

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DAEMON project paves the road to effective 6G networks

DAEMON, a European project coordinated by IMDEA Networks Institute that started in January 2021, has just come to an end,...

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IMDEA Networks research on a new AI explainability tool for mobile networks wins award at IEEE INFOCOM 2024

The work “AIChronoLens: Advancing Explainability for Time Series AI Forecasting in Mobile Networks” (by Claudio Fiandrino, Eloy Pérez Gómez, Pablo...

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