Unraveling the challenges of the Telecommunications Escape Room: IMDEA Networks at Science and Innovation Week

Students from IES Pedro Duque and the HEASE Center attended the activity organized at the Institute

15 November 2023

At IMDEA Networks we want to awaken scientific vocations and bring science closer to society. For this reason, on November 14th we opened our doors, on the occasion of Science and Innovation Week (a science outreach event organized by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d), to around 80 students from 1ºBachillerato and FP of Computer Science from IES Pedro Duque and the HEASE Center to discover the world of telecommunications firsthand.

The students initially received a talk from our postdoctoral researcher Antonio Bazco on basic concepts of the Internet and the cloud. They then took part in a virtual escape room, an initiative of Teleco Renta, the Telecommunications Studies Promotion Plan, which served to test their mental agility and solve challenges about telecommunications engineering. The activity also included prizes for the top three winners.

The group of students also had the opportunity to visit three of our state-of-the-art laboratories: 5TONIC, LiFi and Millimeter-Wave Networking. Our research team talked to them about the research we carry out in an informative way and about how we design the networks of the future. Thus, they could see that science is done close to home and that it is open to anyone who is curious and eager to learn and innovate.

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