Toward a Quantum Internet?

15 July 2009

Atomic and subatomic particles behave differently from macroscopic matter, and there are ways to create novel technologies that utilize this notion to our advantage. Quantum cryptography is just such an example, as it underlies the technology of quantum communication networks, to provide unprecedented levels of security for standard Internet traffic flows such as web-browsing, e-commerce, and streaming video. This cyber-secure network technology is 100% compatible with conventional Internet technology.

Under the auspices of IMDEA Networks, Quantum Computing and Networking experts met in Madrid 17th – 18th June, 2009 in the International Seminar on Quantum Networking to discuss the status, visions and goals for research of this highly promising and innovative area and its applications in networks. The emerging study of quantum networking is an example of interdisciplinary research, which brought together on this occasion computer, engineering, mathematical and physical sciences experts – including researchers behind the world’s first Quantum Key Distributed (QKD) network: the “DARPA Quantum network”, created in 2003. These visionaries explore what is in, essence, a revolutionary method of communications transmission, extremely secure and highly robust, which coupled with the latest advances toward the quantum computer aspire to offer the world the dizzying possibilities of near-instantaneous problem solving, and perfectly secure data transmission.

Participating experts analyzed the future perspectives for long-term strategic planning and discussed the design of a research program that would secure funding for targeted basic research according to the needs of future applications and, in particular, aimed at the release of practical communication devices: the design and development of new hardware, software, and network protocols that will enable Quantum Networks to become operative at a wide scale.This Seminar has been the first of an initiative by IMDEA Networks to establish effective research collaborations with its participants.

Amongst the representatives participating in this event were members of one of the initiators of quantum networking (idQuantique), which made a first experiment on quantum teleportation; BBN Technologies as co-creators of the DARPA network; the Institute for Quantum Computing; Telefonica Research,; the European Commission and representatives from major international universities, such as University Carlos III of Madrid and University of Cambridge, University of Ottawa and Columbia University in the City of New York amongst others.



Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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