The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Madrid Region visits IMDEA Networks

26 October 2015

In the wake of the impactful research results published by Researchers from IMDEA Networks and University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), and not least the huge media impact they brought with them, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in the Community of Madrid, Rafael van Grieken, visited Friday 16 October the Institute with a view to learning more about the research results and the general research work carried out by IMDEA Networks.

Researchers from IMDEA Networks, UC3M, NEC Labs Europe and Politecnico of Torino reached striking results in their recently published paper Understanding the detection of fake view fraud in Video Content Portals. For the first time, it has been demonstrated that video portals are very vulnerable to fraud by fake views from robots (bots). These research results have led to a significant media impact around the world, starting with The Financial Times, the first international newspaper to bring the news which was the second most viewed article on the day of publication.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Rafael van Grieken, visited the Madrid based institute with the objective to learn more about the remarkable research results, as well as to see close up what other research projects are taking place at IMDEA Networks. Joerg Widmer and Antonio Fernández Anta, both Research Professors at IMDEA Networks, also participated in the visit and presented their work on mmWave and Big Data, respectively. Dr. Joerg Widmer is leading IMDEA Networks’ involvement in the European 5GPPP* mmMAGIC, while Dr. Antonio Fernández is a Principal Investigator on the Cloud4BigData research project. Joerg Widmer was recently granted the ERC consolidator grant for his research on mmWave in another 5G project under the European 5G PPP initiative, SEARCHLIGHT.

Vinzenco Mancuso, Research Assistant Professor at IMDEA Networks, gave a presentation of the MONROE project for which he is the Technical Manager. The project aims to build a dedicated infrastructure for measuring and experimenting in mobile broadband (MBB) and WiFi networks, comprising both fixed and mobile nodes distributed over Norway, Sweden, Spain and Italy. The mobile nodes will be placed on trains, busses and trucks, and they will play a key role to understand the MBB performance under mobility. Paolo Casari, another Research Assistant Professor at the Institute, gave a short introduction to the research group he leads, Ubiquitous Wireless Networking group which, among other areas, carries out research in underwater networks.

* Public-Private Partnership, Horizon 2020 program under the European Commission.


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