“The connection that IMDEA Networks has with the industry really prepared me for the job market”

Why, what, how and where: an alumnus takes stock of his PhD experience

07 May 2019

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Luca Cominardi, right after his graduation from the PhD program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Why did you decide to pursue a PhD?

During my Master’s degree I came to IMDEA Networks to work on my MSc thesis, so I ended up working with the Institute’s researchers and I liked the work being done here very much. At the time of finishing my thesis I was suggested to pursue a PhD in this field since I has enjoyed the research. So it was really by chance that I decided to pursue a PhD.

What would you highlight about your time as a PhD student at IMDEA Networks?

I think that the environment here is very good, so it helps and motivates you to pursue advanced research. All the people working at IMDEA Networks, from PhD students to administration and all the staff, really help you to excel in research.

Do you feel your time at IMDEA Networks prepared you well for your professional career?

I think so. IMDEA Networks is very well connected with the industry, so in my line of research I’ve been doing a lot of applied research that has been fed into different industries. So I think the connection that IMDEA Networks has with the industry really prepared me for the market.

Have you moved on to industry, academia or the research sector?

At the moment, I’m trying to figure out whether I am more inclined towards the industrial sector or the research sector. In any case, I’m ruling out academia considering my personal experience and preference. Based on the opportunities available and my work interests, I will decide whether to move towards the industrial or the research sectors, for example, to innovation labs based on industries.

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