Projects Category: Research Contract

NetPredict 4

The NetPredict4 project proposes the extension of the work started in the previous projects in mainly two directions. On the...

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Armasuisse -TecLoch

TechLoc will have as first objective the investigation of a signal technology classification based on the combination of Embedding, LSTM...

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The project is proposed as a continuation of the NetPredict projects: Identification of predictive variables of anomalies in network traffic,...

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This project has two main objectives: Augmenting and sanitizing existing data using a dataset that identifies fingerprints, category, and ownership...

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R&D consulting in the definition of the global system architecture and the design of the data analysis system for the...

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IMDEA will develop a methodology for the identification of network anomalies that will enrich the existing system with new types...

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Armasuisse - CompPos

ComPos will have as first objective (ol) the design of a general framework for uplink data compression in crowdsourced spectrum...

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The final objective of Netpredict 2 is the implementation of a set of advanced machine learning models that allow the...

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Determine predictive variables (quality indicators) of anomalies in network traffic based upon data QoS and communication network assessment experiments, including...

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