Spanish Research is given another boost in the European Union's 2nd Conference for The Marco VII Programme

23 January 2008

The expertise of Spanish research groups are beginning to spill over into the private sector thanks to new European initiatives. Projects, such as EUROINGENIO and IMDEA Networks, which promote the mutual and continuous exchange of knowledge, are transferring to Spanish companies the tremendous success that has recently been observed in its R&D sector.

The 2nd conference of the European Union’s R&D Marco VII Programme will take place in Barcelona, on the 29th January. Spain will unveil its latest initiatives, notably EUROINGENIO and IMDEA Networks, which support the participation of both businessmen and researchers alike in the field of international technological research.

The Ministry for Industry, Tourism, Commerce and the Ministry for Education & Science have entrusted the organisation of this, the 2nd conference, to the CDTI, who will work in collaboration with the CIDEM (Centre d’Innovació I Desenvolupament Empresarial – supported by the Department d´Ínnovació, Universotats I Empresa de la Generalitat de Cataluña-). The aim is to stimulate Spain’s contribution to the Marco Programme (MP). The conference will highlight Spain´s commitment to Europe´s R&D and will provide an opportunity to showcase:

  • The EUROINGENIO initiative, whose objective is to realise Spain´s potential within the European Union and to unveil the launch of various activities that will support businesses and researchers in the VII MP
  • An explanation of how to participate in the new initiatives, which have very particular procedures and an ever-increasing budget, for example those which have just been approved by the Consejo de Competividad; four Joint Technological Initiatives, which together with those which are currently being prepared, will reach a total of 4,000 million Euros and will be managed directly by industry.
  • Common experiences and lessons learnt in the first VII MP session
  • The importance of strategic collaboration between businesses and research groups and the internationalisation of R&D

Spain´s international approach to R&D is being continuously enhanced thanks to new and exciting projects that add a new and innovative angle to current concepts: collaborative researcher-business strategies, complementary autonomous, national and MP projects, and the associated criteria, advantages and problems, etc.

One of the most exciting developments, which is advancing at a rapid pace, is that of IMDEA Networks.This is an international networks research institute based in Madrid.It is part of the IMDEA initiative (a group of 9 distinct research institutes) which is partially funded by the European Union under the Local Government of Madrid´s IV Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Innovative Technology.According to this initiative, scientific researchers from all over the world develop cutting-edge and internationally competitive science and technology. The Director of IMDEA Networks, Arturo Azcorra, also a Head of Department at the University of Carlos III, Madrid, will outline the progress of the initiative during his talk “Researchers and business: collaborating to compete”.

The conference is divided into three principle areas:Plenary Meetings, Interview Space and a Poster Exhibition.

The event will take place in the Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona, Avda. Reina María Cristina, (no number), 08004 Barcelona


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