Pavel Chuprikov, new PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute

29 March 2016

Pavel Chuprikov is a new member of the IMDEA Networks research team, joining us as a PhD student from March 2016. He will be working in the Networked Systems Group, led by Kirill Kogan, Research Assistant Professor at the Institute, who is also his Supervisor in relation to his PhD which he will undertake at Steklov Mathematical Institute in Saint Petersburg. The Networked Systems Group performs research in design, analysis, and implementation of networked systems, broadly defined.

Among Pavel’s main scientific interests are Buffer Management, Capacity Planning, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Pavel obtained his BSc in Applied Mathematics and IT in 2013 from the Computer Technology department of Saint Petersburg National Research University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO), Russia. In 2015 he graduated from St. Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a Cum Laude Student with an MSc in applied mathematics and physics. During his studies, he was awarded four times with a special research-supporting scholarship from Yandex for research on Network Algorithms.

Between 2011 and 2013, while studying his BSc, he worked as a Software Developer in the Computer Graphics Department of Transas in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Before starting with IMDEA Networks, Pavel worked as a Software Developer in JetBrains, also situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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