Miguel Ángel Díaz Bautista, new PhD Student

28 April 2014

Miguel Ángel Díaz Bautista has become a member of our research team. He will be working as a PhD Student from Abril 2014. His main areas of interest lie in computer networks, algorithms and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

In 2012 he received a scholarship from University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) to perform research on UAV, which he continued until his incorporation to IMDEA Networks. Unmanned aerial vehicles were thus the main topic of his BSc degree in Computer Science from UC3M. He will commence his doctorate undertaking the Masters in Telematics Engineering at the said university and collaborating in LEONE, an EU research project that seeks to build a network management framework destined to better cope with the increasing diversity, scale and scope of the Internet as a critical communications infrastructure.

PhD Students at IMDEA Networks

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