Media Magazine: 5TONIC, in the program Radar 3.0 of Radio 5

07 February 2020


5TONIC, the open 5G laboratory of which IMDEA Networks is a founding member together with Telefónica and Ericsson España, received a mention in the Radar 3.0 program of Radio 5 on February 1. In addition, Arturo Azcorra, director of the IMDEA Networks research institute and Full Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, was also interviewed as vice president of 5TONIC by Networkworld.

5G technology will be a new industrial revolution. 5TONIC actively contributes to the deployment of 5G technology through its participation in different projects such as 5G DIVE, framed in the H2020 program and coordinated by the University Carlos III of Madrid. Radio 5’s program highlights this project that aims to study the economic viability of 5G telecommunications in two pilot tests with Artificial Intelligence (AI): one on the remote control of industrial robots and another on the management of fleets of drones. All these concepts are explained throughout the interview by Antonio de la Oliva, Associate Professor from the UC3M’s Telematic Engineering Department and coordinator of the H2020 project.

Listen to the podcast (in Spanish) from minute 3.30

Arturo Azcorra has also been interviewed by Networkworld. The director of IMDEA Networks and co-founder of 5TONIC talks about 5G, its status and its future. Azcorra believes that “the real revolution of 5G is the network integrated computing.” He also explains how 5G technology will affect labour market. Azcorra considers it is necessary to train people in order to relocate them to new jobs and prevent job destruction. “You have to digitize everything you can… Training is the key to any modern economy,” he says.

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