IMDEA Networks shows its new facilities to authorities from the Community of Madrid, UC3M and Leganés City Hall

The Regional Minister of Education, Science and Universities, the Regional Minister of Digitalization, the Deputy Regional Minister of Universities, Research and Science of the Community of Madrid, the Rector of UC3M and the Mayor of Leganés have visited first-hand the new facilities of the institute, which add new laboratories to increase our research capacity

05 March 2024

IMDEA Networks was visited today by the Regional Minister of Education, Science and Universities Emilio Viciana, the Regional Minister of Digitalization Miguel López-Valverde, the Vice-Minister of Universities, Research and Science Ana Ramírez of the Community of Madrid, the Rector of UC3M Ángel Arias and the Mayor of Leganés Miguel Ángel Recuenco. They visited the extension of the second floor of the building, which houses four laboratories, twelve researchers’ offices and a common work area to continue developing the projects we have underway.

Our directive and research team explained to them the initiatives we are currently leading in the area of communication networks, as well as giving them a guided tour of our facilities. Precisely in this new wing of the institute, they have seen the IoT and Cybersecurity laboratory, where Narseo Vallina-Rodríguez and Guillermo Suárez-Tangil have talked about the research they are carrying out. They work on detecting the spread of personal data and unwanted programs in emerging consumer technologies such as smartphones, the Metaverse, and IoT devices and applications for the smart home, to the detection of vulnerabilities in critical infrastructures or the fight against fraud and online disinformation.

Afterwards, our director Arturo Azcorra gave way to the speech of the councilors and the rector in front of all the IMDEA Networks staff. They highlighted the research and excellent work carried out at our center and how we are committed to science and technology. They mentioned some of the projects that we lead or in which we participate contributing to the networks of the future, such as MadQuantum-CM, DAEMON, DataBri-X, or SLICES, among others. Azcorra also thanked all the entities for their support to our institute to increase our research capacity.

Afterwards, they visited the millimeter-wave laboratory, where our research director Joerg Widmer explained the work carried out by his group. They cover different aspects of communications operating at very high millimeter frequencies, which puts us at the forefront.

Finally, they have known 5TONIC from the hand of his vice president Carlos Jesus Bernardos. This open innovation laboratory works on improving 5G/6G technologies. There they have been able to witness an integrated demonstration of digital twins, with integrated sensing and robotic control by 5G.

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