IMDEA Networks receives the visit of the Regional Minister, Vice-Minister and General Director of the Community of Madrid

They visited our facilities to learn about the cutting-edge research we are currently conducting.

25 August 2023

IMDEA Networks was visited today by the Regional Minister of Education, Science and Universities of the Community of Madrid, Emilio Viciana, the Deputy Regional Minister Ana Ramirez and the General Director of Research Ana Cremades. They were interested in the latest initiatives we are leading in the area of communication networks. Our General Manager Ramón Girona has been in charge of explaining the initiatives that we are leading at the moment in the area of communication networks, as well as giving them a guided tour of our facilities.

First of all, they were introduced by Neftalí González to the 5TONIC laboratory, which aims to create an open global environment in which members of industry and academia can work together in the development of 5G/6G technologies. With their combined vision, they can drive technology and business innovation plans. They also discussed the implementation of the SLICES infrastructure funded by the regional government, which addresses solutions for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and has received the prestigious European ESFRI seal.

They then visited the LiFi laboratory, where, as Javier Talavante and Dayrene Frómeta explained, research is carried out on communications with visible light in free space. This can be received by any element with a photosensitive receiver, such as a photodiode, a solar cell or even a camera. His work is aimed at using this type of communication in low-power, low-cost IoT devices. A solar cell in these devices acts as both a power source and a receiver. Based on this knowledge, the team has started the spin off LiFi4Food, where they apply these technologies to precision agriculture.

And finally, they have visited the millimeter wave laboratory, where Claudio Fiandrino and Jesús Omar Lacruz have talked about some of the cutting-edge research carried out by this group. They cover different aspects of communications operating at millimeter frequencies, from the use of artificial intelligence techniques for network traffic prediction to the design of hardware experimentation platforms with unprecedented capabilities.

IMDEA Networks, 67 researchers of 29 nationalities

Institute IMDEA Networks currently has 67 researchers of 29 nationalities, of which around 77% are foreigners. This data shows the level of internationalization and attraction of human capital of excellence, having formed a team that combines the scientific elite with extensive experience in the company.

Our staff has more than 50 patents throughout their careers, and they are part of the scientific committees of the main congresses and journals in the field. In addition, the Institute occupies an outstanding position in the international benchmark rankings in the field of computer science with the 1st position in Europe in Measurement and performance analysis, the 2nd position in Mobile computing and the 19th position in Computer networks.

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