IMDEA Networks in European 5G scientific mission to Taiwan

27 January 2017

IMDEA Networks Director Arturo Azcorra, one of the top European experts on 5G networks, has successfully concluded a scientific mission to Taiwan focused on exploring opportunities for Europe and the East Asian island to jointly foster the development of 5G, the ultrafast mobile broadband technology that promises to become the most remarkable communications phenomenon of the decade.

Professor Arturo Azcorra, Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform (ETP), Vice chairman of the 5TONIC Lab and Director of the research institute IMDEA Networks, has just returned from a scientific mission to Taiwan organized by the European Commission to discuss collaboration on 5G research. From January 9th to the 14th, 2017, Professor Azcorra met with Taiwanese counterparts working in the government, academia and the private sector, in an attempt to maximize the breadth and impact of these dialogues. This trip is part of the international activity of Professor Azcorra on 5G, who had already taken part in two previous European missions to Brazil and Korea.

Azcorra was invited to give a presentation at the Workshop ‘5G Mobile Edge and Fog Computing’. The workshop explored how edge and fog computing, decentralized from cloud computing, can boost business opportunities for the ICT industry, as they may be able to turn platform providers into solution providers. Azcorra also held several meetings intended to foster collaboration with Taiwanese experts and top-level officials Prof. Ying-Dar Lin (National Chiao Tung University – NCTU), Dr. Tzi-Cker Chiueh (Director General of ITRI Information and Communication Labs – ICL), Dr. Li-Fung Chang (Head of the 5G office at the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs – MOEA), Dr. Sheng-Lin Chou (ICL Vice-chair) and Dr. Angelo Corsaro (CTO of ADLINK Technology). Several opportunities for teamwork were explored, in particular in the area of Fog/MEC RAN technology, in the framework of the 5G-CORAL research proposal and within the context of the international activities of the 5TONIC Laboratory, one of the most important pan-European testbeds for 5G technologies.

Leading 5G communications research “made in Europe”

IMDEA Networks has adopted a leading role in the development of 5G technologies such as mmWave communications, Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined 5G Networks. It is a founding member of the 5TONIC Lab, which it hosts in its headquarters, and is currently involved in various advanced 5G research projects: the ERC Consolidator Grant SEARCHLIGHT, the EU H2020 projects mmMAGICMONROE and Flex5Gware, one national initiative HyperAdapt and another within the scope of the Madrid region, TIGRE5-CM.

IMDEA Networks is thus making its mark in the design of next-generation advanced communication systems “made in Europe”. As the Institute’s Director, Azcorra’s preeminent role in European decision-making bodies in the 5G arena constitutes a well-aimed instrument to attune the Institute’s work to the beating heart of the global 5G research community.

Arturo Azcorra at the Worskhop ‘5G Mobile Edge y Fog Computing’ held on January 11th at the National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.


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