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Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation 2023

IMDEA Networks participates in Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, which will hold its twelfth edition on February...

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A conversation with women researchers: how to make your way in science

On the occasion of the Day of Women and Girls in Science, IMDEA Networks has organized an event in which,...

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Women and Girls in Science Day 2023

Our postdoctoral researcher Elisa Cabana will give an educational talk to students of 3rd and 4th ESO in which she...

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A new methodology to measure faultlines at scale leveraging digital traces

The definition of society is tight with human group-level behavior. Group faultlines, defined as hypothetical lines splitting groups into homogeneous...

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PhD Thesis defense: Advanced Methods to Audit Online Web Services

Online web services have grown dramatically in size and diversity in the last years, becoming essential components of our daily...

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What we measure when we measure

In this talk, we will show the importance of knowing the context and the good use of mathematics and statistics...

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IMDEA Networks: 15 years developing the science of networks

This year we have experienced two major milestones at IMDEA Networks: we have celebrated 15 years doing cutting-edge science and...

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Spatial Coverage Inference from Base Station Deployments

Mapping information collected at the level of individual base stations onto the geographical space is required for many works relying...

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Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication - Introduction and Future Prospects

Quantum Computation and Communication are making the transition from a mature area of more than 30 years of theoretical research...

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A decade of IoT/embedded firmware security - a vision stretching from large-scale offensive analysis to scalable defensive techniques

Firmware is at the heart and core of any (I)IoT/embedded system and device. Firmware is essentially software, and time and...

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