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Transformer-Based Quantification of the Echo Chamber Effect in Online Communities

An Echo Chamber on social media refers to the environment where like-minded people hear the echo of each others’ voices,...

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New 6G Wireless Security Threats and Capabilities

Next-generation wireless, 6G and beyond, will feature millimeter-wave and terahertz spectrum with large bandwidth and small wavelengths to address data...

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CVE-2022-23491, or Why PO boxes can't be root certificate authorities anymore

Mozilla curates a set of root certificate authorities to validate hostnames for TLS in the Firefox browser. Many other software...

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Distributed Cellular Network Research - and how it Mirrors Architectural and Structural Security Problems at Large

Literal networks are numerous, and what the Internet is for the “Network of Networks”; roaming is for cellular networks. However,...

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Resilient AI/ML for Mobile Networking

The next sixth generation (6G) networks will bring a paradigm shift from “connected things” to “connected intelligence,” supporting even more...

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How the National Internet Observatory can support your research

The National Internet Observatory (NIO) is an NSF-funded Midscale infrastructure project at Northeastern University that aims to help researchers understand...

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Can Today’s 5G Networks Support 5G “Killer Apps”?

5G rollout started in 2019 and the wide-scale deployment has been rapid and aggressively marketed by all mobile network operators....

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13th Madrid is Science Fair

IMDEA Networks is participating in the XIII Madrid is Science Fair, a science outreach event aimed at school communities and...

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Dynamics of P2P Blockchain Networks

Blockchain-based distributed systems—such as cryptocurrencies—are now a major part of the global financial infrastructure and function as a mechanism for...

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PhD Thesis defense: Efficient Network Control for Large and Highly Dense Millimeter Wave Deployments

Wireless networks have become an integral part of modern society, providing ubiquitous connectivity to a growing number of connected devices....

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