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Telecom cloud-native development: an industry point of view

Telcos are increasingly moving from physical/virtual to cloud-native network functions in the context of 5G adoption. In this talk we...

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DOTE: Rethinking (Predictive) Traffic Engineering

Flow optimization in the presence of uncertainty about future traffic demands is a fact of life in many operational environments....

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Data EConomy (DEC) Workshop 2023

Data-driven decision making powered by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms is changing how society and the economy work and has a...

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Fast Detection of Cyberattacks on the Metaverse through User-plane Inference

The metaverse is envisioned as a digital world where people can experience an immersive three-dimensional Internet, thanks to the profound...

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Summer School on Data-driven 5G RANs

The BANYAN project organizes a 3-day training school focused on new tools, techniques, models and paradigms that are relevant to...

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13th IMDEA Networks Annual International Workshop

With the arrival of publicly-available quantum computers, the field of quantum computation and communication has made a fast transition from...

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First International B5G Student Workshop

We invite Master and PhD students to join the first international Madrid B5G Student Workshop jointly organized by IMDEA Networks,...

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Flowrest: Practical Flow-Level Inference in Programmable Switches with Random Forests

User-plane machine learning enables low-latency and high-throughput inference at line rate. Yet, data planes are highly constrained environments, and restrictions...

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PhD Thesis defense: Towards a Human-Centric Data Economy

Spurred by widespread adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning, “data” is becoming a key production factor, comparable in importance...

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IoT Human-in-the-Loop Sensing – Use Cases, Challenges, and Approaches

We live in a world that is full of interconnected sensors, ranging from dedicated monitoring equipment to sensors incorporated into...

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