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Beyond Third-Party Cookies: Safeguarding User Data from Storage and Exfiltration with CookieGraph and PURL

The online tracking ecosystem has grown increasingly sophisticated in response to anti-tracking browser countermeasures and emerging privacy regulations. The central...

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Empowerment of Atypical Viewers via Low-Effort Personalized Modeling of Video Streaming Quality

Quality of Experience (QoE) and QoE models are of an increasing importance to networked systems. The traditional QoE modeling for...

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In the Room Where It Happens: Characterizing Local Communication and Threats in Smart Homes

The network communication between Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the same local network has significant implications for platform and...

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From Quantum Algorithms to Quantum Services with PlanQK

P PlanQK is a platform that provides an ecosystem for the hosting and deployment of quantum services. In this presentation,...

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French Parliamentary election and mobile traffic

In May 2019, the French European parliamentary election was held, and 6 parties reached seats in the parliament. In this...

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Science and Innovation Week 2023

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the world of telecommunications? Now is your chance to find...

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ARES: A God of War to Bring “Peace" to Heterogeneous Robots

Robot Swarms consists of a special type of distributed systems where robots exchange sensed data in order to coordinate robot...

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AI in the Gray: Exploring Moderation Policies in Dialogic Large Language Models vs. Human Answers in Controversial Topics

The introduction of ChatGPT and the subsequent improvement of Large Language Models (LLMs) have prompted more and more individuals to...

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Global IoT testbed for security and privacy research in the real world

IoT devices are known to have security and privacy risks, but studying these risks in a real-world context has been...

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SLICES National Roadshow

The Spanish SLICES node (SLICES-ES) will be presented at this event, with the participation of IMDEA Networks, the University Carlos...

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