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Global IoT testbed for security and privacy research in the real world

IoT devices are known to have security and privacy risks, but studying these risks in a real-world context has been...

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SLICES National Roadshow

The Spanish SLICES node (SLICES-ES) will be presented at this event, with the participation of IMDEA Networks, the University Carlos...

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Rods with Laser Beams: Understanding Browser Fingerprinting on Phishing Pages

Phishing is one of the most common forms of social engineering attacks and is regularly used by criminals to compromise...

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European Research Council (ERC) Grants Event – Horizon Europe

The Projects and Funding department at IMDEA Networks is pleased to announce a training event, aiming to enhance excellence in...

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The 5 EU missions as seen by IMDEA researchers (II) at the European Researchers’ Night in Madrid 2023

The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid 2023 coordinated by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd, is an action framed in the Horizonte Europe Programme....

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In-depth analysis of the Android supply chain: Vendor customizations on critical networking components

The openness and extensibility of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) enable Android device vendors, also known as Original Equipment...

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Distributed Computing: A Guided Tour

During my stay at IMDEA Networks, I have remarked that the terms “distributed computing” sounded like dark magic to some...

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Simulation-based Comparison of Network Scale-Up Methods

The Network Scale-up Method (NSUM) is a method to estimate hard-to-reach populations based on indirect surveys. Unlike the classical surveys,...

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Rethinking LiFi for Carbon Neutral Sunlight-based Communication

Wireless communication has to be redesigned to achieve sustainable communication infrastructure providing net-zero carbon dioxide emission. In this presentation, we...

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Prediction of User Privacy Preferences in Mobile Devices via Federated Learning

The pervasiveness of always-connected mobile devices fostered a multitude of applications that provide contextualized services to users. Many of these...

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