5TONIC announces Luz Wavelabs winner of the first global 5G Start-up Competition

01 March 2017

The open research and innovation laboratory 5TONIC announces that Luz Wavelabs is the proud winner of the First 5TONIC 5G Start-up Competition. Luz Wavelabs is a small Spanish technological company focused on bringing to the market a new technology based on millimeter and Terahertz (THz) waves, which will allow next generation high data rate wireless communications, one of the key requirements of future 5G communications.

The 5TONIC lab, headquartered at IMDEA Networks Institute in Madrid, launched last October an initiative that actively promotes the engagement of new businesses in pioneering innovation on Fifth Generation Networks (aka ‘5G’): the first global 5G Start-up Competition.

5TONIC has awarded Luz Wavelabs, a Madrid-based high-tech business venture with close ties to University Carlos III of Madrid, based of the strength of the company’s project proposal, its synergy with 5G, its market potential, innovation capacity, scalability, the competencies of its multidisciplinary team and the advanced stage of development of their trademark products and solutions: state-of-the-art electronics, mm-wave, Terahertz and photonics technology.

Luz Wavelabs logo

Rubén Criado, CEO and Cofounder of Luz Wavelabs stated: “We are excited to have received this Prize. It is a door opener for our work and an invaluable opportunity to learn from and collaborate with top scientists and experts in our field.”

The Prize entitles Luz Wavelabs to kick-start its 5G innovation project with 5TONIC and to be granted access to 5TONIC facilities, where the team will be able to interact with the lab’s research and industry experts. With this contest 5TONIC hopes to propel this promising venture to the international 5G business arena.

The Luz Wavelabs team at their lab.

Source(s): 5TONIC / IMDEA Networks Institute
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