Network Measurements and Analytics

The rapid evolution of mobile portable systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) has given birth to a rich ecosystem of applications, personalization and services that is changing the way billions of users communicate and interact with their environment. This digitalization of the world has allowed new innovative applications with new levels of personalization and the ability to interact the environment. However, this trend is also producing large volumes of data which may raise privacy and security threats unseen in previous networked technologies while also generating unknown traffic patterns and performance bottlenecks which can have a negative impact on the network and user experience.

At IMDEA Networks, we are involved in novel research efforts to empirically illuminate how users, networks, devices and applications interact, behave and perform in the wild.

Real environments

Our research is particularly focused on conducting analytical measurements of real-world networked systems, with a strong interest in understanding their use (and abuse) as well as the performance, privacy and security challenges present in emerging networking technologies. Our research team also develops Big Data solutions to analyse and process large-scale traffic-, network- and application-generated data fast and correctly.

At IMDEA Networks we engage and collaborate with users, cyber-activists, industry and regulators to identify and address important problems of societal, industrial and academic interest from a practical angle. Often times, our researchers are responsible for developing practical tools to assist the different stakeholders to understand how users, devices, networks, services, and applications interconnect, perform and behave behind the scenes.


Specifically, this research area targets the following objectives:

Network measurements

  • Active and Passive measurements
  • Network and traffic characterization
  • Troubleshooting and performance evaluation
  • Social network analysis
  • Cloud-mobile integration

Big Data

  • Applied machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Data analytics for cybersecurity and anomaly detection
  • Human-data interaction (HDI) and visualization

Privacy and Security

  • IoT, cyber-physical systems and mobile computing
  • Online tracking, advertising and ad-blocking
  • Fraud prevention
  • Mobile malware and threat detection
  • Data transparency and privacy-preserving tools

Job opportunities

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