Alumni Network

Alumni Network

The Institute’s Alumni Network is built upon graduate PhD Students who have obtained their Ph.D. and have left the team to further their research career in other organizations. Networking is about making contacts and building relationships. The alumni frame provides its members a supportive community of graduates who have shared experiences, values and goals that will last a lifetime. It also provides a venue through which former PhD Students can maintain a long-term collaborative relationship with the Institute. Alumni are IMDEA Networks Institute’s ambassadors worldwide, creating awareness and opening up new communication channels with the global scientific community.

Ander Galisteo

Dr. Ander Galisteo

Senior Researcher in Cybersecurity in Embedded Systems. Ikerlan. Mondragón. Spain.
Pavel Chuprikov

Dr. Pavel Chuprikov

Post-Doc Researcher. Universita della Svizzera Italiana. Lugano, Switzerland
Patricia Callejo

Patricia Callejo

Postdoctoral fellow. UC3M-Santander Big Data Institute (IBiDat). Madrid. Spain
Dario Bega

Dr. Dario Bega

Core Network Research Specialist, Nokia Bell Labs, Munich, Germany
Edgar Arribas

Dr. Edgar Arribas

Profesor Doctor. Applied Mathematics and Statistics- CEU San Pablo University. Madrid. Spain
Guillermo Bielsa

Dr. Guillermo Bielsa

Specialized Client Engineering- Connectivity and Networks. Telefónica España. Madrid. Spain
Marco Gramaglia

Dr. Marco Gramaglia

Post-Doc Researcher
Maurizio Rea

Dr. Maurizio Rea

Post-Doc Researcher
Doctor Hany Assasa

Dr. Hany Assasa

Post-Doc Researcher
Doctor Roberto Calvo Palomino

Dr. Roberto Calvo Palomino

Post-Doc Researcher
Pablo Caballero

Dr. Pablo Caballero Garcés

HID Sensor Algorithm Engineer. Apple Inc. Cupertino. California. USA
José Antonio Ruipérez

Dr. José Antonio Ruipérez

Postdoctoral Associate. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cambridge. Massachusetts. EE.UU.
Nicola Bui

Dr. Nicola Bui

Senior Research Engineer. Bastille. Boston. Massachusetts. USA
Roderick Fanou

Dr. Roderick Fanou

Post Doc. San Diego SuperComputer Center. Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)/University of California San Diego. USA
Luca Cominardi

Dr. Luca Cominardi

Research Assistant. University Carlos III of Madrid. Madrid. Spain
Aymen Fakhereddine

Dr. Aymen Fakhreddine

Senior Researcher. Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems, Alpen-Adria-Universität. Klagenfurt. Austria
Agustín Santos

Dr. Agustín Santos

Public Officer. Spanish Public Administration. Madrid. Spain
Evgenia Christoforou

Dr. Evgenia Christoforou

Post Doc. Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. Politecnico di Torino. Turin. Italy
Foivos Michelinakis

Dr. Foivos Michelinakis

Postdoctoral Fellow. Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (SimulaMet). Oslo. Norway
Christian Vitale

Dr. Christian Vitale

Post Doc. KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence (KIOS CoE). Nicosia. Cyprus
Thomas Nitsche

Dr. Thomas Nitsche

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/Research Fellow. Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies ESK. Munich. Germany
Vincenzo Sciancalepore

Dr. Vincenzo Sciancalepore

Research Scientist. NEC Laboratories Europe. Heidelberg. Germany
Elli Zavou

Dr. Elli Zavou

Software Developer. StratioBD. Madrid. Spain
Angelos Chatzipapas

Dr. Angelos Chatzipapas

Innovation Architect. Lloyds Banking Group. London. United Kingdom
Qing Wang

Dr. Qing Wang

Assistant Professor. Delft University of Technology - TU Delft. Delft. The Netherlands
Arash Asadi

Dr. Arash Asadi

Independent group leader. Secure Mobile Networking Lab (SEEMOO).TU Darmstadt. Germany
Gek Hong Sim

Dr. Gek Hong Sim

Post-doc Researcher. TU Darmstadt. Germany
Fabio Giust

Dr. Fabio Giust

Senior System Architect. Athonet. Vicenza. Italy
M. Isabel Sanchez

Dr. M. Isabel Sanchez

Postdoctoral Fellow. Simula Research Laboratory. Oslo. Norway
Juan Camilo Cardona

Dr. Juan Camilo Cardona

Software Engineer. Cisco Systems. Barcelona. Spain
Jordi Arjona Aroca

Dr. Jordi Arjona Aroca

Projects Technician. Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI). Valencia. Spain
Pablo Salvador

Dr. Pablo Salvador

Scrum Master. Paradigma Digital. Madrid. Spain
Ignacio Castro

Dr. Ignacio Castro

Post-doctoral Research Assistant. Queen Mary University of London. UK
Andra Lutu

Dr. Andra Lutu

Researcher. Telefonica Research and Development. Barcelona. Spain
Syed Anwar Ul Hasan

Dr. Syed Anwar Ul Hasan

Product developer/Co-founder. PriceFlier. Hyderabad. Telangana. India
Michal Kryczka

Dr. Michal Kryczka

Manager. Accenture. Warsaw. Poland
Alex Bikfalvi

Dr. Alex Bikfalvi

Software Engineer. Adevinta. Barcelona. Spain
Paul Patras

Dr. Paul Patras

Reader and Chancellor's Fellow. School of Informatics. University of Edinburgh. Scotland