Nicola Bui

Dr. Nicola BUI

Senior Research Engineer. Bastille. Mountain View, California, United States

  • Graduation date: May 2017
    • BSc: Information Engineering - University of Ferrara. Ferrara, Italy
    • PhD: Telematics Engineering - University Carlos III of Madrid. Madrid, Spain
    • Ph.D. Thesis: Prediction-Based Techniques for the Optimization of Mobile Networks
    • Ph.D. Date: May 2017
    • Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr. Joerg WIDMER
  • Former position: PhD Student. IMDEA Networks Institute. Madrid. Spain | CEO. Patavina Technologies. Padova. Italy
  • Joining date: October 2013
  • Leaving date: May 2017


  • Content Distribution Networks
  • Network Optimization
  • Internet Of Things


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