Roderick Fanou

Dr. Roderick FANOU

Systems Engineer. Cloudflare, Inc. Austin, Texas, United States

  • Graduation date: Dec 2017
    • MSc: Design Engineer in Computer Science - Networks and Telecommunications (majoring in Networks and Telecommunications). Polytechnics of Abomey Calavi (EPAC), Spain
    • PhD: Telematics Engineering - University Carlos III of Madrid. Madrid, Spain
    • Ph.D. Thesis: Methods for revealing and reshaping the African Internet ecosystem as a case study for developing regions: From isolated networks to a connected continent
    • Ph.D. Date: December 2017
    • Ph.D. Supervisors: Dr. Pierre FRANCOIS & Dr. Francisco VALERA PINTOR
  • Former position: PhD Student. IMDEA Networks Institute. Madrid. Spain
  • Joining date: October 2013
  • Leaving date: December 2017


  • Impact of Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) in the African Region
  • Interdomain Routing
  • Internet Measurement
  • Content Delivery Networks


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