Christian Vitale

Dr. Christian VITALE

Research Associate. KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence (KIOS CoE). Nicosia. Cyprus

  • Graduation date: Jun 2017
    • BSc: Telecommunication Engineering - University of Pisa. Pisa, Italy
    • PhD: Telematics Engineering - University Carlos III of Madrid. Madrid, Spain
    • Ph.D. Thesis: Analytical Characterization of In-band and Out-band D2D Communications for Network Access
    • Ph.D. Date: June 2017
    • Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr. Vincenzo MANCUSO
  • Former position: PhD Student. IMDEA Networks Institute. Madrid. Spain | Student Research Assistant. NEC Europe Ltd. Heidelberg. Germany
  • Joining date: February 2012
  • Leaving date: February 2017


  • 5G Cellular Networks
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Green Networking
  • Queueing Theory


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