MARIE CURIE AMAROUT Europe Programme (2009-2017)

European Fundings
Financed by: European Union. Marie Curie Action (PEOPLE COFUND)

AMAROUT Europe is a Marie-Curie Action (7FP – PEOPLE-COFUND) for researcher mobility, which aims to foster and consolidate the European Research Area by attracting to Europe and, in particular, to the region of Madrid (Spain) top research talent. AMAROUT contributes with IMDEA to turning Madrid into one of the top knowledge generation regions in Europe. To accomplish this, during 4 years, the AMAROUT I program financed researchers to join the IMDEA network of research institutes for one year (renewable for two or three) and beginning on March 1st, 2009. AMAROUT II was launched on October 1st, 2012, offering 152 fellowships until 30th September 2015.

Contact: IMDEA Software (program coordinator)

Project Partners: IMDEA institutes (IMDEA EnergyIMDEA FoodIMDEA MaterialsIMDEA NanoscienceIMDEA NetworksIMDEA SoftwareIMDEA Water)

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