Armasuisse - MATISSE

Pervasive Mobile Location and Spectrum Sensing Systems
IMDEA Networks participates in the project through a contract with Armasuisse – Science and Technology
  • Financed by: Contract with the industry
  • Duration: April 2015 to March 2016
  • Contact: Domenico GIUSTINIANO, Principal Investigator for IMDEA Networks

The spectrum data usage and the user location knowledge are essential information to build any communication protocol and service. MATISSE has two-fold objectives: (i) solve the poor knowledge of the electro-magnetic spectrum usage by introducing cyber-physical nodes that will be capable of monitoring the spectrum at very large scale and (ii) devise and build a pervasive localization system that can make possible to pin-point the position of a mobile device regardless of the environmental conditions. For the first objective, we aim to build a customized embedded device for monitoring the spectrum, and introduce novel signal processing and decoding mechanisms for fusing the data of multiple nodes. For the second objective, we will design and build a mobile device-centric system that uses opportunistic timing signals for positioning and tracking and address the research and practical challenges to solve the limitations of timing protocols.