"Programa investigo" for recruiting young job seekers to undertake research and innovation initiatives

National Fundings
Awarded: Alfonso RODRÍGUEZ BARREDO DE VALENZUELA - PhD Student, Pablo FERNÁNDEZ - Research Engineer, José Manuel PANDELO - Research Engineer, Iñaki BRAVO - Research Engineer, Louis MIERMONT - PhD Student, José GALLEGO - Research Engineer, Anthony SÁNCHEZ - Research Engineer, Celia CABELLO - Research Engineer and Michal TERESZKOWSKI-KAMINSKI - Research Engineer
Financed by: Ministry of Employment and Social Economy-SEPE. European Union NextGenerationEU

The program finances the hiring for a maximum of two years of young researchers who are unemployed in public research organizations, public universities, technology centers and other public and private entities for their participation in a research project.

The grant awarded to IMDEA Networks (2022-C23.I01.P03.S0020-0000038) will fund up to 12 positions.

Program funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU and the Ministry of Employment and Social Economy of Spain through the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.