The Cybersecurity Group

The Cybersecurity Group aims at devising novel methods to better understand and mitigate emerging threats in online communities. The group focuses on addressing real-world problems in three directions: i) Cyber-threats, ii) Cyber-fraud, and iii) Cyber-safety. First, we look at how malware spread through online markets, designing and developing new approaches to assist security analysts and end-users in the study of malicious or potentially unwanted programs. Second, we study the ecosystem that supports the development of malware as well as other computer-dependent crimes, including mass-marketing fraud. Finally, we look at ways in which we can protect users, especially minors, from malicious actions like cyberbullying or misinformation in online communities.


We are currently in the process of hiring prospective candidates to work in the area of cybersecurity. Drop a line if you are interested in openings.

Scientific Direction

Dr. Guillermo Suárez-Tangil
Team leader / Research Assistant Professor (Ramon y Cajal Fellow)
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Open Positions

I am always in the look for motivated researchers to join my team.

Find below details for a PhD opening in the intersection between systems security and cybercrime at IMDEA Networks. The purpose of this opening is to develop data-driven approaches to better understand how these communities are structured and the type of crimes they support.

More details: https://networks.imdea.org/job/phd-position-in-cybercrime-in-underground-ecosystems/

There are currently no job offers in this section.


Contact information

  • Group leader: Guillermo Suarez-Tangil
  • Email: guillermo.suarez-tangil@imdea.org

Office & Postal Address

  • Room 2S8
  • IMDEA Networks Institute
  • Avda. del Mar Mediterraneo, 22
  • 28918 Leganes (Madrid)