Visiting Professor

    • PhD: Computer Science - University College London (UCL), (England, UK)
    • University of origin: University of Cambridge. England. UK
  • Joining date: April 2008
  • Leaving date: June 2008


  • Opportunistic Communications
  • Privacy in the Cloud
  • Carbon Neutral Networking


Marconi Professor at University of Cambridge (England, UK). Dr. Jon Crowcroft is currently a member of our Scientific Council.

Valedictory Report

“My stay at IMDEA and UC3M coincided with the start of the EU Trilogy project, which was an extremely successful collaborative research programme of work with a number of partners including BT and UCL (where I used to work). I was happy to be able to contribute in several pieces of the work. This research was centered around the principle of resource pooling, which is the original motivation for packet switched networks and the idea of statistical multiplexing. In the original Internet, the idea has not been pursued to its logical conclusion, and so Trilogy was tasked with trying to reach the goal, which is to use all the potentially useful packet switched paths between end systems, not just the current shortest, or best one for current policy in the Interdomain case. Together with researchers in IMDEA and UC3M we tackled the interdomain multipath problem, which turns out to be really rather complex, and were able to make some headway. At the same time during my visit, I was able to give several talks about my recent work to colleagues in Madrid, and offer comments on work in progress and papers of staff and students there. Socially, the Institute is a very pleasant place to be, and of course, the city has a wealth of resources for people living or visiting to make life very easy.”


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