Ramón y Cajal Grants to create a permanent position

National Fundings
Awarded: Dr. Vincenzo MANCUSO - Research Associate Professor
Financed by: Grants RYC-2012-10788 and RYC-2014-16285 funded by MINECO

To those R&D Centres that, having been beneficiaries of a grant for the recruitment of doctors in the Ramón y Cajal sub-programme, have created the corresponding permanent post.

The Ramón y Cajal program’s main objective is to strengthen the research capacity of R&D groups and organizations from the public as well as the private sectors, by means of the hiring of researchers who have been awarded a Ph.D. and who have applied presenting a research line they wish to develop. The Ramón y Cajal program provides grants which are gradually and progressively co-financed by the receiving organizations, which shall in turn identify and define their research strategies and those areas in which they wish to specialize. These grants are awarded on merit of scientific achievements of doctorates in all areas of knowledge , by Spanish R&D organizations.

Previous awardees