Wireless Ad Hoc Networks in the Internet: Flooding and Routing Optimizations

13 Dec

Juan Antonio Cordero Fuertes, researcher in the HIPERCOM research team of INRIA

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As wireless ad hoc networking becomes more and more popular and ad hoc networks are used for an increasing number of applications, the integration of these networks in today’s Internet, still mostly organized as a set of interconnected fixed and wired networks, becomes a key research field in the computer networking domain. Flooding and routing are some of the main challenges posed by the convergence of the Internet and wireless ad hoc networks. To date, most efforts have been dedicated to design specific protocols for efficient routing in wireless ad hoc networks. The work presented in this talk explores the optimization of mechanisms and extension of protocols already used in the Internet in order to perform flooding and link-state routing in internetworks containing both fixed and wireless ad hoc networks. The presented optimization techniques for link-state routing can be used in different protocols; the talk evaluates the performance of several extensions of OSPF (the Open Shortest Path First protocol) based in these techniques, both by way of simulations over MANETs and by way of experiments over a compound internetwork.

Who is Juan Antonio Cordero Fuertes?

  • 2011, Ph.D in Mathematics & Computer Science, École Polytechnique (France).
  • 2007, High Degree (título propio) in Interdisciplinary Engineering, Centro de Formación Interdisciplinar Superior (CFIS), Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC).
  • 2007, M.Sc. (Ingeniería Superior) in Telecommunication Engineering, ETSETB/TelecomBCN, UPC (Spain).
  • 2006, M.Sc. (Licenciatura) in Mathematics, Facultad de Matemáticas y Estadística (FME), UPC (Spain).
  • 2001, ranked 8th over 29000 candidates in University Access Examinations in Catalonia, Spain.
  • 1984, born in Barcelona, Spain.

This event will be conducted in English


  • Location: Aula 4.1.F03, Edificio Torres Quevedo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Avda. Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganes – Madrid

  • Organization: NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Department, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain); Institute IMDEA Networks (Madrid, Spain)
  • Time: 01:30 pm
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