Towards a Next Generation Internet Architecture

14 Jun

Dr. James Kempf, DoCoMo USA Labs (Palo Alto, California, USA)

In-house Presentation

Outline of Lectures:

The international networking research community has begun to focus on ideas for a next generation Internet architecture. Before developing a next generation architecture, however, it seems appropriate to understand what exactly the problems are with the current Internet architecture. There seems to be widespread agreement that mobility and security are the primary problems stressing the current Internet, but exactly what the problems with mobility and security are, and in particular, whether the problems are architectural in nature, is under dispute. In this lecture series, we examined the mobility and security with the intention of understanding the current architecture and what might be done for a next generation architecture.

The seminar will be conducted in English


  • Location: Room 4.1F03, Telematics Department, Torres Quevedo Building, University Carlos III of Madrid, Avda. Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganes – Madrid

  • Organization: NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Department, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain); IMDEA Networks (Madrid, Spain)
  • Time: 07:00pm
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