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2 Mar

Major Event (Highlighted Event)

An activity about Visible Light Communication (VLC)

IMDEA Networks participates in one of the interactive stands of the International Education Opportunities Exhibition «Aula Planeta Ciencia», with an activity about Visible Light Communication (VLC), a technology which uses standard off-the-shelf visible light LEDs to transmit data using the visible light spectrum.

AULA has created the Planeta Ciencia initiative with the main objective of promoting scientific vocations in young people, bringing science and technology together in a simple and accessible way.

IMDEA Networks participates in this event with a playful and innovative proposal, in which visitors will be able to experience first-hand the latest advances in telecommunications through a demonstration of VLC, an experimental technology:

“No one imagines a world without artificial light. It surrounds us everywhere, from the light of our smartphones to the light that illuminates our rooms. Today, thanks to the latest advances in technology, we are able to communicate through light to talk with our friends, access our social networks … and even play video games!”

An overview of the crowds at the International Education Opportunities Exhibition «Aula Planeta Ciencia» was a part of. Ander Galisteo, PhD Student at IMDEA Networks, presents the demo “Play through light” to the IFEMA Director, the Director of the Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge and other authorities.

(Left to right) Ander Galisteo, Pablo Jiménez y Pelayo Vallina, PhD Students at IMDEA Networks. Antonio Pastor, PhD Student at UC3M and IMDEA Networks, explains the binary code and the ASCII codification to a group of students.


More info

Este evento es parte de la Semana de la Educación | 28 Feb – 4 March 2018: Conectando con la educación del futuro

  • Location: Pabellón 3 IFEMA (Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I – Madrid)

  • Organization: IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, as part of the "AULA" initiative of the "SEMANA DE LA EDUCACIÓN" (Education Week); IMDEA Networks Institute
  • Time: 08:00pm
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