Innovation through Joint Industry-Academic Partnerships

3 May

Dr. Nada Golmie, Chief, Dr. Haris Gačanin, Dr. Jeff Foerster, Dr. Arturo Azcorra, and Mr. Paul Challoner

Major Event (Highlighted Event)

5TONIC Vice-President Arturo Azcorra participates in a panel entitled ‘Innovation through Joint Industry-Academic Partnerships’ at IEEE INFOCOM. At this panel he presented the work of 5TONIC as an example of the successful partnership between industry and academia currently driving innovation and research in communication networks in Europe.

Panel A: Innovation through Joint Industry-Academic Partnerships
10:30 – 12:00 Wednesday, 3 May 2017
Room: Georgia 2-3

Panel Theme:
Industry and academia are the two major pillars that drive innovation and research, and historically, significant cross-pollination of ideas and expertise occurs between them. The goal of this panel is to discuss shared experiences, identify time-tested and new strategies, as well as role responsibilities in situations when industry and academia work together towards driving ambitious, open-ended research. The panel includes representatives from major research laboratories associated with the leading networking companies, startups, as well as industry consortiums for large wireless platform development projects committed to working with academic partners.

1. Dr. Nada Golmie, Chief, Wireless Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA
2. Dr. Haris Gačanin, Department Head, Indoor Networking Systems, Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium
3. Dr. Jeff Foerster, Principal Engineer at Intel, USA
4. Dr. Arturo Azcorra, Director, IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain
5. Mr. Paul Challoner, Vice President Network Product Solutions, Ericsson USA

IEEE INFOCOM is a top ranked conference on networking in the research community. It is a major conference venue for researchers to present and exchange significant and innovative contributions and ideas in the field of networking and closely related areas. IEEE INFOCOM covers both theoretical and systems research. The 36th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications took place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) during the first four days of May.


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