13 Oct
ICNP 2020

Major Event (Highlighted Event)

On October 13 through 16, IMDEA Networks Institute will host IEEE ICNP 2020, the 28th annual edition of the IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols. ICNP is the premier conference covering all aspects of network protocol research, including design, analysis, specification, verification, implementation, and performance. This is the first time ever for ICNP to come to Spain, and the two waves of the coronavirus epidemic this year have made the conference organization a truly special experience. Under the circumstances, ICNP 2020 proceeds as a hybrid conference. Most of the ICNP 2020 participants will attend through telepresence only, with the in-person participation limited to a handful of local attendees.

The exciting technical program of ICNP 2020 spans all its four days. The main conference meets on October 14 through 16 and follows three full-day AIMCOM2 (Riding with AI towards Mission-Critical Communications and Computing at the Edge), HDR-Nets (Harnessing the Data Revolution in Networking), and NIPAA (New Internetworking Protocols Architectures, and Algorithms) workshops on October 13. A noteworthy highlight is the main-conference keynote by Adrian Perrig on experiencing a new Internet architecture. The main conference also includes presentations of 30 papers selected among 184 submissions via a highly rigorous process. Following a new virtual format, the Posters and Demos session will use 5 parallel tracks to present 12 posters and 2 demos during the afternoon session on October 15. More information about ICNP 2020 is available on the conference website at .

Many current and former members of IMDEA Networks Institute and UC3M are playing major roles in organizing ICNP 2020. Sergey Gorinsky leads the effort as the General Chair of the conference. Ignacio Castro serves as the Treasurer. Claudio Fiandrino co-chairs Registrations. Antonio Fernandez Anta and Andres Garcia-Saavedra make Local Arrangements for the conference. Guillermo Suarez-Tangil and Qing Wang are pioneers in serving as the first-ever ICNP chairs for Conference Virtualization. Publicity co-chair Ruben Cuevas Rumin spreads the word about the event in social media. On the technical side, Arash Asadi and Vincenzo Mancuso co-chair Posters and Demos. Zhi-Li Zhang serves as a Workshops chair. Student volunteers Noelia Pérez Palma, Leonardo Peroni, and Francesco Spinelli are indispensable as online Session Assistants of the conference.

This event will be conducted in English