Global IoT testbed for security and privacy research in the real world

17 Oct

Danny Y. Huang, Assistant Professor at New York University’s Center for Cyber Security

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IoT devices are known to have security and privacy risks, but studying these risks in a real-world context has been challenging. In this talk, I’ll talk about our latest effort to develop a testbed of real-world IoT devices around the globe. Building upon our existing IoT Inspector platform, this testbed will consist of actual IoT devices on actual networks with actual human participants world-wide. I’ll describe a number of ongoing studies that involve this testbed, such as network measurement, supply chain security, and machine learning. I’ll also talk about our plan to build a research community for this testbed. Our vision is that any researchers, in security, privacy, ML, and beyond, will be able to conduct in-situ real-world experiments that also protect the privacy of the participants.

About Danny Y. Huang

Danny Y. Huang is an Assistant Professor at New York University’s Center for Cyber Security. He is interested in the security and privacy of real-world IoT devices from both the technical and human perspectives. He used to work at Soda 723 and ICSI when he was a grad student at UC San Diego. Website:

This event will be conducted in english

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  • Organization: IMDEA Networks Institute; Telematics Engineering Department, UC3M
  • Time: 15:00
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