From Quantum Algorithms to Quantum Services with PlanQK

7 Nov

Sebastian Wagner, Head of Quantum Service Integration at Anaqor, Berlin, Germany

External Presentation (External Speaker)

P PlanQK is a platform that provides an ecosystem for the hosting and deployment of quantum services.

In this presentation, Sebastian Wagner will outline the utility of PlanQK for individuals seeking to expand their understanding of quantum computing.

He will explore the platform’s capabilities for testing and assessing quantum algorithms across a spectrum of backends provided by PlanQK. Additionally, Sebastian will detail the systematic process of transforming these algorithms into deployable quantum services. This not only opens the door for customer accessibility but also enables seamless integration into existing enterprise IT infrastructures.

About Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner is an adept software engineer with a comprehensive research background in cloud computing and enterprise application integration from the University of Stuttgart. His academic pursuits led to a PhD focused on workflow systems. With industry experience as an architect at Lufthansa, he moved to Anaqor in Berlin three years ago. Currently, he is the Head of Quantum Service Integration at Anaqor, where he is in charge of integrating quantum backends and managing the technical onboarding of users.

This event will be conducted in English

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  • Organization: IMDEA Networks Institute; NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Engineering Department, UC3M)
  • Time: 17:00
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