Data EConomy (DEC) Workshop 2023

18 Jun

Major Event (Highlighted Event)

Data-driven decision making powered by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms is changing how society and the economy work and has a profound positive impact on our daily lives. The large majority of provably possible ML services, from e-health to transportation and predictive maintenance, to name just a few, still remain at the idea or prototype level for the simple reason that data, the skills to manipulate them, and the business models to bring them to market, seldom co-exist under the same roof. The value of data comes from its contextualization and combination with other data. This has given rise to a highly dynamic sector around the Data Economy, involving Data Providers/Controllers, and data Intermediaries, often-times in the form of Data Marketplaces or Personal Information Management Systems for end-users to control and even monetize their personal data. Despite its huge potential and observed initial growth, the Data Economy is still at its nascent phase and, therefore, faces a yet uncertain future and a series of existential challenges.

The Data Economy workshop, taking place with SIGMOD 2023 (in Seattle, on June 18, 2023), aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners, to clarify impactful research problems, describe solutions and ideas to the arising data management issues (and beyond) and novel data applications, and share findings and new ideas on real-world data markets.

The workshop program includes 7 paper presentations, 2 keynotes, and a panel, and can be found here:

Information regarding registration as well as accommodation can be found on the SIGMOD 2023 website:


Organizers and chairs

  • Nikolaos Laoutaris, IMDEA Networks Institute
  • Georgia Koutrika, Athena Research Center